01/04/20 – Blue Owl Limetastico! Sour Mexican Lager with Lime & Salt & Jubilberry Sour Winter Ale with Cranberry, Ginger & Oat

Wednesday 1st April 2020

The sense of ‘before’ and ‘after’ is really starting to hit me – how our world will be permanently altered in ways I had never considered possible in my lifetime, and how so many decisions I’ve made, things I’ve done and things I want to do will need to be reframed in this new context. That’s a lot of thinking. However, Wednesday was sunny, and the knowledge (thank you Mister BBC) that this would be our last nice day before the onset of some serious Texan Spring storms forced me back into the present to make the most of it. After a nice bit of tan-inducing sunbathing in our garden it was definitely beer-time, so we paid a visit to our good friends at Blue Owl Brewing to pick up some of their fantastic kettle-sour brews to-go. Although our lil hearts yearned to be sitting out in their cute beer garden as is our habit, we made the most of this lovely evening armed with two of their awesome tart-tastic beverages.


Blue Owl Limetastico! Sour Mexican Lager with Lime & Salt

e449bb3c-e499-491a-808a-68fb3fed2a2cBlue Owl is just minutes from one of Austin’s most beautiful outdoor spots, Lady Bird Lake. The ‘lake’ is actually part of the Colorado River that runs right through the heart of the city, with trails for hiking and biking, spots for fishing and picnicking and stunning views that will lift even the most tense and weary heart. With nice wide paths to allow for social distancing, this was a great place to stretch our legs and enjoy Blue Owl’s delicious Limetastico!, a beer brewed with an evening like this (pandemic aside) exactly in mind. I think Mexican lagers are vastly underrated – their crisp fizz and subtle bite make them ideal hot-weather beverages, refreshing and light without being insipid or watery. Blue Owl have a seemingly-endless capacity for bringing out the best in every style that they kettle-sour and this is no exception, the sharp saltiness and tart lime crank up the whole style and create a super-moreish summer beer that’s almost impossible not to guzzle, and was the perfect accompaniment to our lakeside walk. We almost forgot that there’s an apocalypse on.


Blue Owl Jubilberry Sour Winter Ale with Cranberry, Ginger & Oats

img_5760While this is, officially, a Winter Ale, the bright, vivid cranberry-ginger felt exactly right for Spring  as we sat in our garden eating tacos and watching the sun go down. The delicate dryness of the cranberry and sweetness from the ginger paired beautifully with our traditional-style tacos filled with goat (chivo), cow’s head (cabeza) and tongue (lengua), cutting cleanly through the rich, fatty meat. This warm-spiced Sour served ice-cold was an excellent match for such a balmy night, and while we still missed the fun, cosy Blue Owl taproom, this beer is a treat in any location.