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Acopon Brewing | Hans Trapp Russian Imperial Stout

Y’all know I’m a sucker for a proper old-school Russian Imperial Stout & #acoponbrewing ‘s Hans Trapp is absolutely bang on the money. My latest for @PorchDrinkSouth ,including the rather cool story behind this delish brew’s name:

GBH Signifiers 2021 – Ruvani de Silva

Ahhh wowww! Honoured to bits to be included in @goodbeerhunting ‘s 2021 Signifiers! Huge thanks to the fab @helenannesmith_ for such a lovely write-up & thank you to everyone who’s contributed to and read my work! GBH Signifiers 2021 – Ruvani de Silva

Event Recap | Texas Craft Brewers Festival 2021

This year’s @TXBrewersFest was a joyful celebration of all things #texasbeer ! You can relive (or enjoy vicariously) the fab @TXCraftBrewers fundraiser in my @PorchDrinkSouth event recap here

Craft Pride: Rainey Street Institution Closes For Relocation

Got very emotional writing this! @CraftPride has meant so much to me since moving here & while I’ll miss them hard on Rainey St I can’t wait for their new location! Huge thanks @BenBalmerMusic@CarolineAttack@indybrewing@ZilkerBeer & Hedgehog for your kind contributions!

Toxic Gratitude

Being thankful isn’t always good. Toxic gratitude is a power tool that controls marginalised groups. My latest @beer_everyone deep-dives into how slavery, colonialism&patriarchy have been reinforced by toxic gratitude&how it affects the beer industry today

West Sixth Brewing | Illuminator Barrel Aged Doppelbock

Y’all know I love a Doppelbock, but @WestSixth ‘s Illuminator totally knocked it out the park with a clever, sophisticated double-barrel-aging in @Angels_Envy & port barrels! Thank you @JeremeZimm for including me in your @PorchDrinkingCO showcase!

Top 5 Central Texas TCGB Liquid Bake Sale Beers – Part 2

Happy #topbrewstues y’all! Here’s my 2nd @CraftBeerATX roundup of don’t-miss @TXCraftBrewers#LiquidBakeSale Central TX releases, featuring @AustinBeerworks@LiveOakBrewing@HoldOutBrewing#WildBunchBrewing & #CentralDistrict-get em before they’re gone!

Other Desi Beer Co. | Jalebae DIPA

Happy #topbrewstues y’all! Want to read a super-cool story on what might be the 1st ever beer brewed w India’s national sweet, the jalebi? Of course you do! Read about @otherdesibeerco ‘s delish Jalebae DIPA @PorchDrinkingCO !

New Braunfels Brewing Co. | Death for Breakfast

Happy #ThirstyThursday ! It’s nearly the weekend so who’s up for #breakfastbeer ?! Here in Central Texas, @NBBrew have knocked it out the park w Death For Breakfast Imperial Weizenbock w coffee, cacao nibs, pecans & maple syrup! My latest @PorchDrinkSouth

Austin Beerworks | La Verdad Mexican Lager

Happy Wednesday y’all! It’s gonna be a hot one today here in Central Texas-perfect for some rather fabulous local Mexican Lager! @AustinBeerworks La Verdad is a stellar poolside refreshment-here’s my @PorchDrinkSouth write-up!

Roughhouse Brewing Debuts the First Texas Cave-Aged Beer

The very 1st Texan cave-aged beer is released tomorrow by #RoughhouseBrewing ! In collab w @jesterkingbeer & using their mobile coolship, this unique brew has aged for 14months in an underground limestone cave! Here’s my @TexasHighways preview:

The Problem with ‘Asian’

While it’s essential that we do everything we can to #StopAsianHate we also need to move beyond the homogenisation & identity erasure that comes w this blanket term. Huge thanks @beer_everyone for giving me space to explore this topic

Craft Women Connect: A Space of Our Own

Really loved writing about the amazing positive energy, exuberance & beer-love of Atlanta-based women’s beer collective #craftwomenconnect for @beer_everyone !Their online forum is a fab place for beery women-hoorah!

An Introduction to Fire Brewing

V excited to have my 1st @CAMRA_Official L&D article live today! As an aspiring homebrewer I’m v fascinated by fire-brewing- & as I’m sure y’all know, women were the earliest brewers! Lady-beer cheers!

Sour Series: Urban South HTX & Imprint Beer Co.

The thaw has begun! Texas Spring is so Fruited Sour season & @UrbanSouthBeer are leading the charge! My review of their superb Spilled Schmoojee Imprint collab is live @PorchDrinkSouth -did someone say white chocolate, raspberry & watermelon?!

Beer and Racism

“People of color are unlikely to enter a space in which they are not represented, & in which they do not feel safe & welcome” @BrisUniPress ‘s #BeerandRacism is essential reading on understanding & dismantling industry bias. My @PorchDrinkSouth review:

Brewing Change with Art: Three Trailblazing Women Artists

Something lovely to share! My piece on 3 amazing trailblazing women beer-artists is live on #beerisforeveryone ! @BoozyCraftBabe@StasiaBrew & @PintsandPanels produce such brilliant, inspiring & inclusive work it was a huge pleasure to write about them!

Central Texas Dark Lagers

Some seasonal #ThirstyThursday reading for y’all-my @PorchDrinkSouth Ultimate 6er Central Texas Dark Lagers! Top warm-n-toasty brews by AustinBeerworks @InfamousBrewing@ LiveOakBrewing @VistaBrewing @theabgb & @ShinerBeer to cosy up with on winter nights!

“Zombieland”-Themed Halloween Stouts

Good morning y’all! If anyone fancies a nice lil #beerandmovies story on this chilly Saturday, check out my @PorchDrinkSouth piece on @LakewoodBrewing@intrinsicbrew ‘s #Zombieland -inspired Double-Tap Stouts-a Texan Twinkie-zombie-spectacular!

Desert Door Sotol Barrel Aging

In happier #craftbeerhour news, my piece on Sotol barrel-aged beers is live @CraftBeerATX ! This cool new Central Texas beer-trend is really taking off, w brews from @VistaBrewing@nomadicbeer@indybrewing & Roughhouse, all aged in local Desert Door barrels!

Texas Brewery Explorer App

If anyone needs a break from election-reading, how about a bit of local beer-politics? My @PorchDrinkSouth piece on @TXCraftBrewers ‘s new app & their ongoing fight against the TABC is live here

Cultural Gatekeeping: Preference, Prejudice, & Power

Exciting news – my first piece for the new #beerisforeveryone website is now live! In keeping with the theme, some words on cultural gatekeeping & the inherent prejudice fostered by informal power structures-so nice light weekend reading!

Virtual Austin Tour on Beervana podcast

It’s live y’all!! My very first podcast appearance touring the #Austinbeer scene! Huge thanks @Beervana for having me-it was so much fun chatting w you guys! So much great beer here in ATX – have a listen & find out more!

903 Brewing’s Voted Beer Series

Morning y’all! If you’re feeling fired up (like me) after yesterday’s #Debates2020 action, here’s a beer specially for you! @903Brewers I Voted Beer series aims to reward civic participation w more than just a sticker! Read my @PorchDrinkSouth piece here

Conroe, TX

We had a fantastic beer-visit to #ConroeTX drinking dreamy fruited Sours @B52Brewing ‘s magic-forest taproom & making merry @SouthernStarBC w a funky brass band & Buried Hatchet Stout! New blog post klaxon!

Real Ale 24th Anniversary

In lieu of their fab anniversary bash, @RealAleBrewing have put out a great pack of special crowlers for at-home beery celebrations! My review of all four beers is now live Real Ale 24th Anniversary

Hold Out Brewing

We finally visited much-anticipated @HoldOutBrewing -ATX’s newest brewpub, who braved opening during the pandemic. It was great to enjoy tasty, quality brews in a safe, relaxed atmosphere at their handy downtown location Hold Out Brewing

Johnson City

With a stunning hillside taproom & 2 tasty downtown options there’s plenty brewing in Johnson City TX-home of the one & only LBJ! We hit up newbies @RightReck @CarterCreekWine  & stalwart @PecanStreetBrew on a lovely beery daytrip! Johnson City

Belton & Salado TX

We had a lovely day pottering around the pretty creekside towns of Belton & Salado just north of ATX, quaffing tasty brews @CompanyBold & @barrowbeer ! New blog post klaxon! Belton & Salado

College Station & Bryan TX

My first post-Covid beer-travelogue took us on a beautiful drive out to Bryan & College Station in Central TX College Station & Bryan

The Awkward Truth: Diversity is for Life, not just for Christmas

The beer world does not exist in a bubble. How we behave as an industry as well as individuals matters & has consequences. We cannot afford to postpone or procrastinate & must make #DiversityandInclusion a priority. It’s a long piece but pls read: The Awkward Truth: Diversity is for Life, not just for Christmas

Wild Bunch Waterhole Golden Ale

It’s a lil bittersweet signing off from the Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries! Thanks so much for all of y’all’s support & here’s my final post on a beautifully warm, floral Waterhole Golden Ale at the stunning Wild Bunch taproom 23/05/2020 – Wild Bunch Waterhole Golden Ale

Champion Trustafarian DIPA

As I slowly draw the Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries to a close, I ponder a future of forever being asked ‘what did you do under lockdown?’ In beery news, I’m all over @championbeer ‘s Trustafarion DIPA-bring on the Mandarina Bavaria! 21/05/2020 – Champion Trustafarian DIPA

Blue Owl Van Wilder Sour Red Ale

Musings on my strange apocalyptic dreams and why the real apocalypse may have temporarily eased my insomnia in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries plus how could we resist a growler of @BlueOwlBrewing cherry-tastic Van Wilder Sour Red?! 20/05/2020 – Blue Owl Van Wilder Sour Red Ale

Stone Soaring Dragon IIPA

As we approach Phase 2 reopening here in Texas, I ponder the future relevance of the Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries in today’s entry on a happier note, @StoneBrewing’s Soaring Dragon IIPA is a glorious fragrant white tea fusion delight! 19/05/2020 – Stone Soaring Dragon IIPA

Sixpoint Meltdown Hazy IIPA

Selling my fab designer work outfits has me reminiscing over another, more ambitious me in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries, while @sixpoint’s soft, soothing citrusy Meltdown Hazy IIPA was an excellent foil for my Sri Lankan spicy chicken! 18/05/2020 – Sixpoint Meltdown Hazy IIPA

Nomadic Experiment 2 Hazy Kviek IPA

Day 50 of the Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries & we take our next baby-step back into the world w our first distanced-meet-up, accompanied by @nomadicbeer ‘s lovely honey-yeast Experiment 2 Hazy Kveik IPA 17/05/2020 – Nomadic Experiment 2 Hazy Kviek IPA

Independence Bluebonic Chronic IIPA

In today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries I’ve been revisiting my childhood by immersing myself in Roald Dahl’s gleefully nasty short stories for adults we also enjoyed a tasty & very grown-up @indybrewing Bluebonic Chronic IIPA 16/05/2020 – Independence Bluebonic Chronic IIPA

Spencer Monk’s Reserve Belgian Quad

I’m sadly coming to terms with the fact that we can’t return to London this summer in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries. We did, however, drink a magnificent Monk’s Reserve Belgian Quad by @SpencerBrewery -America’s 1st Trappist Brewery! 15/05/2020 – Spencer Monk’s Reserve Belgian Quad

Martinhouse Blackbird Imperial Sour Ale

In today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries we discover a local butterfly garden, and @MartinHouseBrew get it right w their juicy-tart gently-lactosed Blackbird Imperial Sour 14/05/2020 – Martinhouse Blackbird Imperial Sour Ale

Thirsty Planet Thirsty Goat Amber Ale

Our first experience of live music in 3months at a distanced open-mic night filled my lil heart with joy, while I filled my tummy w delish pizza & @TPBrewing‘s local classic Thirsty Goat Amber Ale in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries 13/05/2020 – Thirsty Planet Thirsty Goat Amber Ale

Brazos Valley Brewing Pancho and Lefty IPAs

An early Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries update where I wax lyrical on the might of Central Texas storms & get a lil misty-eyed drinking @BVBrewing‘s reverentially complementary Pancho & Lefty IPAs 12/05/2020 – Brazos Valley Brewing Pancho and Lefty IPAs

Austin Beerworks Petit Mutant Sour Stout

More gardening adventures as I break into the exciting world of wire-cutting, plus a delicious plum-n-blueberry Petit Mutant Sour Stout from the fab folks @AustinBeerworks in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries update! 11/05/202 – Austin Beerworks Petit Mutant Sour Stout

Jester King / Mikkeller Beer Geek Rodeo Imperial Stout

A day of good ol TV-binging on #spooks –@bbc crime drama at its best, while also craftin up a storm, plus the lowdown on @jesterkingbeer @MikkellerBeer ‘s fancy new Beer Geek Rodeo collab in today’s #Craft Beer Amerhyst Quarantine Diaries update 10/05/2020 – Jester King / Mikkeller Beer Geek Rodeo Imperial Stout

Yokefellow Young Lager / Hedgehog Beyond the Arc BBA Belgian Tripel

In today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries we are New Busy at home! I’m also v impressed with my first Yokefellow beer-a lovely unfiltered Young Lager, & make swift work of Hedgehog’s ridiculously good Beyond The Arc BBA Belgian Tripel 09/05/2020 – Yokefellow Young Lager / Hedgehog Beyond the Arc BBA Belgian Tripel

Bull Creek Iron Balls Stout

As Texas slowly re-opens, we took a lil trip out of town! Date night in Liberty Hill & the excitement of finding one of my fave under-the-radar TX brews (Bull Creek Iron Balls Stout-shhh!) now bottled in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries 08/05/2020 – Bull Creek Iron Balls Stout

NOLA / Akademia Odin’s Kveik Ride IPA

Anyone else feeling thoroughly exhausted? In the latest Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries update, I’m feeling bloody tired despite or because of doing nothing. However, we did drink a v exciting @NOLABrewing @AkademiaBC Odin’s Kveik Ride IPA! 07/05/2020 NOLA / Akademia Odin’s Kveik Ride IPA

Oddwood Ales Titta E Guido Pilsner & Casino Nights IPA

In today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries I ponder the curious possibility of a Lockdown Stockholm Syndrome taking hold of my brain fortunately we also picked up some great new @oddwoodales brews to brighten our evening! 06/05/2020 – Oddwood Ales Titta E Guido Pilsner & Casino Nights IPA

Odell Tree Shaker Mango IIPA

Our leaking tap is no more! In today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries we have a successful visit from the plumber & wind down from all our adulting with @OdellBrewing ‘s excellent new addition to their IPA-tribe, the Tree Shaker Mango IIPA 05/05/2020 – Odell Tree Shaker Mango IIPA

Austin Beerworks La Verdad Mexican Lager

The latest Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries entry features yesterday’s fab @AustinBeerworks @YETICoolers giveaway excitement & the happy advent of this year’s batch of La Verdad Mexican Lager-gotta be the ATX beer of the summer! 04/05/2020 – Austin Beerworks La Verdad Mexican Lager

12 Fox Julie Belgian-style Trippel

We had a lil peek back into the real world & it felt indescribably good the sheer joy of drinking in a taproom beer garden & the honey-sweet delight of @12FoxBeer’s Julie Belgian-style Trippel in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries 03/05/2020 – 12 Fox Julie Belgian-style Trippel

Hedgehog Mango Tango Farmhouse Ale

Why I’m taking #quarantinestyle seriously & dressing up even though no one’s watching, & notes on Hedgehog Brewing’s beautifully balanced Mango Tango Farmhouse Ale in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries  02/05/2020 – Hedgehog Mango Tango Farmhouse Ale

Freetail 7th Anniversary Old Bat Rastard

Bitter-sweet ponderings on wanderlust & a sticky-spiced Christmas-pudding-esque @freetailbrewing 7th anniversary Old Bat Rastard taking us back to their fab taproom in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries 01/05/2020 – Freetail 7th Anniversary Old Bat Rastard

Independence Space Case Highboy DIPA

Coming to y’all from a dark ol place in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries. Seems isolation actually keeps out imposter syndrome-who knew? On a brighter note, @indybrewing Space Case is so good it even ages well-truly a DIPA for these times 30/04/20 – Independence Space Case Highboy DIPA

Quarantine Diaries – Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

With Texas on the brink of partial re-opening, there’s a lot to think about in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries. I also make a timely revisit to an absolute modern classic beer that means a huge amount to me-enter @SierraNevada Torpedo 29/04/20 – Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Amethyst VS Quiche – Armadillo Ale Works Idiot’s Hill American Strong Ale

Today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries is a special Amethyst VS Quiche edition!Even I didn’t know it was possible to say so much about baking a quiche! In beery news, @ArmadilloAles Idiot’s Hill toffee-caramel ASA made a tasty dessert-beer! 28/04/20 – Armadillo Ale Works Idiot’s Hill American Strong Ale  

Great Texas Beer Run – Blue Owl Brambleberry Sour

In today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries my fear of failure kicks in as we take up gardening for the first time while our other first, a 64oz growler of @BlueOwlBrewing‘s gorgeous dry, tart, aromatic Brambleberry Sour, is a big success! 27/04/20 – Blue Owl Brambleberry Sour

New Braunfels Brewing Company Birthday Deathbed

Being busy is keeping me sane, but how much longer can it/I last? Some worry in today’s Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries, but plenty of joy from @NBBrew‘s Birthday Deathbed-rosemary, limestone, wine & lemon-zest perfection in a glass 26/04/20 – New Braunfels Brewing Company Birthday Deathbed

Great Texas Beer Run – Nomadic Beerworks Seven Deadly Stills BA Scotch Ale

Four whole weeks of Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries! Today is a kind of weird celebratory-commiseratory-anniversary thingo, w the immense excitement of @nomadicbeer’s mega 7 Deadly Stills BA Scotch Ale, collected on the #GreatTexasBeerRun 25/04/20 – Nomadic Beerworks Seven Deadly Stills BA Scotch Ale

Great Texas Beer Run – New Braunfels Brewing Company

A v emotional Craft Beer Amethyst Quarantine Diaries today, dedicated to the inimitable Amethyst Heels Sr who is being so fuckin brave through all this plus our 1st #GreatTexasBeerRun trip to our fab friends @NBBrew -love that Triple Scorpion! 24/04/20 – New Braunfels Brewing Company – Triple Scorpion Belgian Strong Dark Ale