08/04/20 – The Bruery Cucumber Frucht

Wednesday 8th April 2020

Today began with a sense of disbelief that we are still here, that this is still going on. Every day I (probably misguidedly) read the news in the vain hope that there will be some kind of proclamation signalling the end of all this. Until now, I have vigorously resisted using analogies comparing our situation to wartime, but in this instance I really can feel in my soul what VE day must have been like. I cannot wait for our very own VC (Victory-COVID) moment. In fact, I may start selecting VC beer as a little distraction project.

Beyond the gloom, there was something to look forward to. Although I wasn’t a member for that long, I loved taking part in Crafty Beer Girls meetups when I lived in London, and have missed the camaraderie, beerchat, meeting new people and general fun and games of their monthly gatherings. Of course, in our new online world there was nothing to stop me Zooming in on today’s hangout, and I was not the only one! In fact, London-based Crafty Beer Girls, Liverpool’s Ladies That Beer, Birmingham’s Brum Beer Babs and many of us in other UK and international locations were able to come together virtually to talk all things beer, baking, remote-working, not working, cutting our own hair, supporting our local breweries and missing our social lives! This was such a brilliant chat that we carried on for over two hours, many of us happy to see some new faces and have some different conversations as well as catching up with friends in the kind of relaxed conversation we would have down the pub. Thanks to all of you for brightening up my day, and I’m already looking forward to the next meetup!

The Bruery Cucumber Frucht

img_6042I am probably a total barbarian to have slugged this delicate, complex and sophisticated beer straight out of the can, but it was a very hot day and the can was so pretty I couldn’t bring myself to decant it! I’m up and down with this particular Bruery series but this lovely gently oaked, bright, fresh cucumber Berliner Weisse has to be one of my favourites. The refreshing sensation of biting into a light, soft chewy cucumber slice paired with the crisp zing of a high-quality Berliner and that smooth oakey edge make this an absolute champion hot-weather beer. I also had great fun pairing this with my cucumber green outfit and make-up for an all-out-emerald stay-home look!