31st May 2018


We stopped in Historic Downtown Seguin en route to Corpus Christi from Austin, having discovered that in good ol’ Texas style, Seguin has its own microbrewery in the centre of the old town. They have a great of range beers in a beautifully and lovingly restored building just off the main square. Visiting on a Thursday afternoon meant the bar was quiet, just myself (having packed JB off to the nearest record store!) and a couple who were also from out of town, and we had the unexpected pleasure of chatting away with one of the co-owners which is always a treat. It was fascinating to hear about how they gutted and re-designed the space to retain as many of the original features as possible, and discuss their exciting and eclectic beer repertoire.

IMG-20180531-WA0010.jpgI’m always so excited to meet brewers and owners who are passionate about their product and their venue and want to share the stories behind their labour of love, and this made my afternoon. I was lucky enough to visit soon after they released their very limited Honey Pecan Sour, which is just as delicious as it sounds, all the flavours bouncing off each other beautifully to create a sweet-sour-nutty-moreish extravaganza that should be readily available for regular consumption! Other highlights included a robust and potent 9-Pin Kolsch and a beautiful Black Rye Cherry IPA – another killer flavour combo. Downton Seguin is cute and charming, but the brewery is worth a stop in itself. By the time we left, the bar was busy and buzzing, quite understandably a local social highlight. They also can several of their beers so that you can stock up your car for the next leg of your journey, and at $2 a can they’re an absolute steal. Perfect pit-stop.