09/05/2020 – Yokefellow Young Lager / Hedgehog Beyond the Arc BBA Belgian Tripel

Quarantine Diaries XXXXII

Saturday May 9th 2020

We had a really busy day on Saturday, at least as busy as our Saturdays back in the real world, just different. While I’m not subscribing to this whole ‘new normal’ thing, there is definitely a ‘new busy’. Instead of jumping into the car and zipping around town visiting brewery taprooms, attending events and hanging out in record stores, we’re moving between Zoom chats, What’s App calls and Twitter conversations in the confines of our dining room. We have, in fact, never been so connected with friends and family. Back in the real world, we wouldn’t even have thought about video chatting with our friends back in the UK – everyone (ourselves included) were far too busy running around going places and doing things – a short message here or there or a quick text chat would be sufficient to keep friendships running for the months between our visits home. Now, instead of chatting to strangers and acquaintances on our travels, we’re having long conversations with people we actually know. Or in the case of Twitter, having long conversations with strangers we haven’t even met in person. But busy, very busy. As lockdown eases and we (hopefully) return to our old routines, it will be interesting to see how the new busy and the old busy fit around each other. As someone who really likes being busy, I hope that there will be plenty of space for both.


Yokefellow Young Lager

58fde1d0-e7ce-4b56-8c94-e98de58b66d0Currently brewing out of 5 Stones, former Jester King head brewer Garrett Crowell’s new venture Yokefellow has made an excellent first impression on me with this sweet, doughy Young Lager. Firm and textured with a bold, brassy colour, this is a classy brew that puts the craft into craft lager for sure, fusing elements of Kellerbier, Pils and Helles to make a new and exciting unfiltered brew. I opened this with very high expectations which were not disappointed, and I am looking forward to seeing what else Yokefellow have up their sleeve in the coming months.


Hedgehog Beyond The Arc BBA Belgian Tripel

39bdc055-31cb-41ca-8499-e435af6f1e68The fab folks at Hedgehog have done it again. This terrifyingly light, deliciously subtle beer, brewed to celebrate their first anniversary, confirms the Cedar Park brewers as the masters of less-is-more. This is a Tripel that, despite weighing in at a huge 11%, is neither sticky nor heavy nor boozy, and even the sweetness is delicate and light. There is a gentle tickle of bourbon and the smooth, oakey vanilla is soft and playful. Our (super-cute, resealable) crowler of this simply vanished, it was so incredibly drinkable. Anyone who worries that Austin doesn’t have the industry space for more new breweries really needs to pay a visit to Hedgehog.