4th Tap Brewing Cooperative

November 2017-May 2018

img_9681We’ve visited Austin’s other brewery co-op, 4th Tap, a couple of times since arriving in ATX. Part of the North Austin beer circuit, 4th Tap has been going since 2015 and has produced close to 100 beers in that time according to Untappd, which is nothing to sneeze at. The taproom offers 10 taps, covering core and rotating seasonals and flights are served in five 5oz pours. Their website indicates that flights comprise of three core beers and two seasonal choices, but this must be a new innovation as on both our visits we selected five beers of our choice, all of which came with lovely laminated tasting note cards – more breweries should do this!

We had some high quality beers on both visits – the double-espresso brilliance of the Lawgiver Russian Imperial Stout and Highland Scoundrel Scotch Ale with its hint of toasted marshmallow were the highlights of our first flight, although the Renewal Tamarind Pale was also very interesting. On our second visit, the gently raspberried Bat Country Stout and juicy Kung Fu Robot IPA were both great too. That said, not all their experiments were as successful – the Buried Head pumpkin beer was disappointingly watery. Still, with a strong oeuvre of beers, I would expect to be more enthused about 4th Tap than I’m able to be, and I think that may be because of their taproom which we found to be both literally and metaphorically rather on the cold side.

Located right on Metric Boulevard, 4th Tap has very limited unshaded outdoor seating and is rather dark and air-conditioned inside, which isn’t ideal in standard ATX weather as your options are either freezing or roasting. Setting this aside, we didn’t find 4th Tap to be a particularly chatty place, unlike a lot of ATX breweries, and the vibe felt more reserved than forthcoming. We’ve not attended any events or parties at 4th Tap, although they do hold regular community events, and have only visited during the day, so maybe it’s time to change that up a little.

Watch this space – if we have an epiphany you’ll be the first to know.

The taproom is open seven days a week, hours are day-dependent, and 4th Tap beers are available in cans around the city.