Flying Man Brewing Co.

April 2018

Pflugerville hardly seems far enough from Central Austin to be another town, and getting to Flying Man was a blissfully easy journey of less than 25 minutes. Tucked into a large, sprawling industrial estate, Flying Man has taken over the spot previously occupied by the now-defunct Rogness Brewery. They make good use of their space, with a large, cool warehouse interior and generously proportioned sun deck facing away from the estate, which would make a good spot for some live music. A relatively new arrival, opening their taproom in October 2017, Flying Man had 7 beers on tap when we visited, as well as two Meridian Hive meads and wine.

We tried all 7 (which seemed the right thing to do), which comprised of two wheat beers, two IPAs, two stouts and a blonde (I feel there should be a joke inserted here, but can’t think of one yet). The Water Bomber Watermelon Wheat and Phantom Works Chipotle Stout were the standouts for me, the first refreshing and bright, and the second smooth and spicy. It would have been nice to have tried more of their existing oeuvre, and we’ll definitely be returning to check out any new additions. Someone there also has great taste in music, as we were treated to indie hits of the mid-2000s, which we could even hear from the sun deck. While their food truck may not be the fanciest that ATX has to offer, it’s very cheap, service was impeccable, and tater tots are a fab beer snack, no question.