23/04/20 – Ingenious Double Splat DIPA

Quarantine Diaries XXVI

Thursday 23rd April 2020

img_6630We attempted our first virtual pub quiz today with our lovely friends Whit, Sam and Ash and new friends Julie and Andy. The practicalities of quite how this would function logistically had me utterly bewildered, but fortunately JB is far more technologically advanced than I am, and we soon had a mind-bogglingly hi-tech split-screen Zoom-YouTube setup going where all seven of us could see and hear one another as well as the quizmaster – a feat I would never have believed possible mere weeks ago. In my most recent office job, we were still making conference calls through a weird speaker that sits in the middle of the table that everyone takes it in turns to yell into. I’m sure these devices have a name, but now they are clearly 100% obsolete I don’t even need to feel bad that I never learned it. My limited experience at such complex multi-functional communication did indeed have me raising my voice unnecessarily to the point where JB had to shush me and I realised that I have, in fact, turned into the old person who shouts down their mobile, relying more in the power of their own vocal projection than the transmission of digital sound. Oh dear. Aside from me continuing to show my age in a slightly embarrassing fashion (no, I don’t know what SnapChat is), the quiz was lots of fun, and it was great to catch up with our friends as well as trying a new stayhome activity, especially one with real-world roots. The debates, controversies, heckling and smug told-you-sos that make up a real-world pub quiz experience were faithfully replicated (particularly by JB and I) and the fact that I’d had 3 beers by 5pm our time is neither here nor there. Technology has, indeed, won me over and Thursday afternoon is now pub quiz afternoon!


Ingenious Double Splat DIPA

img_6642Yes, I am in love with Ingenious – known fact, but that does not take away from how deliciously moreish this beer is. I am so happy that Ingenious beers have finally made their way to ATX that you might imagine I may be overplaying my hand in praising this one so highly, but I assure you it really is rather excellent. Eschewing their trademark full-on sweet-juicy-lactose style, Ingenious have crafted a sophisticated 4-hop DIPA that goes in head-on with punchy Citra-Mosaic but pulls back with the El Dorado and Eukanot into a fresh, aromatic and gently herbaceous finish. This was an absolute delight to drink, slipping down so smoothly you would never know it carries an 8.2% ABV. At least, not until you try to stand up. I’m suitably impressed that Ingenious can deliver the goods when venturing out of their dessert-beer comfort zone, and tbh I’m gutted we’re not going home for a while as I would love to share this super on-point brew with my UK beerfriends.