02/04/20 – Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet DIPA

Thursday April 2nd 2020

The big Texas Spring storms we’ve been expecting arrived on Thursday, providing both an incentive to stay home and another dimension of nature’s desire to contain us. While I usually approach Texan storms with a mixture of fascination and irritation, Thursday’s hit me with a profound sense of resignation-the global situation being as overwhelming and unchangeable as the sky above us. Despite this, we actually had an lovely day. A proper 3hr beery video-catch-up with JB’s awesome brother and his super-cool girlfriend (Gabriel and Pavla we love you!) was exactly what was in order, and we had so much fun we were soon wondering why we weren’t doing this more often (we will be). I’m not a huge fan of technology (I believe the world was a better place without the internet) but today I really did value the experience of being able to see as well as hear our loved ones as we enjoyed reminiscing about our fun adventures in our shared house on holiday last summer, beer-adventures and nights out back in London and the night of our incredible wedding that could have been in another lifetime but in reality was less than 3 weeks ago. Life does, indeed, move pretty fast.


Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet DIPA

img_5781Sierra Nevada are the absolute shit. These are the people who introduced me to craft beer over a decade ago when I first picked up their classic Pale Ale in a New York corner store and never looked back. The Hop Bullet DIPA is all killer, no filler – 16oz of 8% intense, sticky, punchy Magnum hops with an extra hit of lupulin dust (oh yes) make this one of the most satisfying beers you can get for $3 in the supermarket, providing of course that dank, piney, boozy West Coast IPAs are your thing – in my case, yes please! Sierra Nevada (along with Lagunitas, don’t @ me) are the Old Masters of this classic style, so this ramped-up, high-octane version (stronger and sweeter than the Torpedo!), is made with their habitual love, care, and expertise but available at a price-point that makes you wonder why anyone buys watery, low-quality lager anymore. This all-energy, all-flavour, all-fun brew matched our excitable video-chat perfectly, and I fully intend to stock up on more of these bargainous beauts on our next venture to the store.