Blue Owl Brewing

October 2017-October 2018


I’m just going to put this straight out there – I love Blue Owl. Admittedly, I was already half way gone just from reading about the concept, but the proof was certainly in the delivery and from the moment my lips settled around my first sip of the truly wonderous Professor Black Sour Cherry Stout, things got serious.

A brewery making only sour beers. The thought may give you hives or it may give you goosebumps. Either way, no Austin beer journey would be complete without a visit to the mighty Owl to see for yourself what they’re capable of. We’ve been on numerous occasions since arriving in ATX, for special events (of which there are plenty, check their social medias) and just to chew the (sour) fat in their unpolished-hipster-chic, adorably blue taproom in super-trendy East Caesar Chavez. And yes, there are actual blue owls. Of course there are.

Drinking at Blue Owl may seem complicated to the uninitiated, but once you get the hang of it it makes perfect sense. You purchase a glass and four pours of beer in the size of your choice, ranging from itsy-bitsy 5oz glasses, a snip at $8, up to the dreamy pint-sized chalice, $20 but worth every dang penny. You then receive a sheet with your name on, good for multiple visits, where your beer pours are ticked off as you drink them. Simple, right?! The glass is yours to keep, and we’re now boasting sets in several different sizes. These guys are all about the stylish home wear, and what better souvenir if you’re from out of town?


Now, back to the beers. The Professor Black is, really, something else. So deliciously moreish you’ll be snapping up those sleek, pretty to-go cans before you’ve even emptied your glass. That said, they really haven’t put a foot wrong in my opinion, from the cheeky Little Boss Sour Gose to the succulent Hop Totem IPA (the limited edition wet-hop version of this is my New Favourite Thing, if you come across it grab it quick!).  The Wee Beastie Sour Scotch Ale sounds like something with the potential to go horribly wrong, but trust me, you’ll be back for more – it didn’t. On our most recent visit for National Dessert Day we had ice cream floats, which are amazing with dark sour beers – give it a try at home! Blue Owl’s taproom is open Wednesday-Sunday, hours are day-dependent. If you’re unable to get there, most supermarkets and craft beer outlets have at least one of their beers in cans. Don’t leave Austin without some!