18/05/2020 – Sixpoint Meltdown Hazy IIPA

Quarantine Diaries XXXXXI

Monday May 18th 2020

With Texas on the brink of increased reopening on Friday, but my own financial situation more precarious than ever, the imperative to get off my backside, stop waiting for my (probably non-existent) stimulus cheque and attempt to raise some funds could not be greater. It’s been a long, long time since I was in a serious client-facing role, but when I was I took it damn seriously. The earlier, more illustrious, stages of my career required snappy business dress, and as a young, aspirational, and possibly slightly too fashion-focussed professional gal, I went serious up-town with my look. One of my favourite hobbies was scouring Brick Lane’s many sample sales (I was on all the mailing lists) for designer bargains and ruthlessly rummaging through rack after rack at TK Maxx, snapping up only the smartest and most exciting items. No trip to NYC was complete without a trip to Century 21, the discount-fashion mecca of the Financial District, and my delight at unearthing a reduced-price treasure in a remote outlet mall could not be matched. Oh, how times have changed. I stopped buying new clothes nearly 5 years ago (for both financial and environmental reasons, FYI beer merch does not count!), and my recent, far less glitzy, roles have been adequately fulfilled in my new wardrobe of thrift store finds. My dazzling array of designer outfits have sat sadly at the back of my closet for too long now – it is time for them to find new homes where they will hopefully be loved with the same ardour I was once able to lavish upon them. Plus, I could really, really use the cash. I’m sad to see them go, as much because they are items of beauty as because they remind me of a time when I was going places, both literally and metaphorically. I hope that I pass the self-possession, energy and optimism I still had when I wore them on to the next fashionista. I could do with a little of those myself right now.


Sixpoint Meltdown Hazy IIPA


I remember being super-excited when Sixpoint beers first arrived in Weatherspoons (back when it was still okay to drink there) and marvelling at suddenly being able to buy a 9% American DIPA for £3.50 (made this figure up, cannot remember). I also remember swiftly realising that not all Sixpoints are created equal, but when chosen with care they really can be an excellent investment, and the Meltdown is certainly one of the winners. I really enjoy the combination of the Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic hops which come together to create a lovely, light, gently sweet beer that mingles grapefruit rind and fragrant lemon. This beer is soft, slightly dry and super-easy-drinking, between us we practically inhaled it. If you’re after a bold, punchy IIPA this is not for you, but if you’re leaning towards a more subtle, citrusy and soothing brew this should be right up your street.