Roadmap Brewing Co.

July 2019

e716568f-0ddb-43b5-8a77-6c0b2e9948efJust across the highway from Alamo Brewing, Roadmap sits on a quiet street that’s actually just a few blocks north-east of the Alamo itself. Less than a year old, having opened its doors in September 2018, Roadmap is a large, cavernous space with the taproom opening directly out into the brewhouse, long shared tables in the style of a German bierhalle and scattered picnic tables outside. The taproom was bustling during our Saturday-afternoon visit, with plenty of families and groups of friends drinking, relaxing and playing board games – so much so that they nearly ran out of flight glasses. Roadmap have dinky Texas-shaped flight boards which I very much appreciated, although flights aren’t the cheapest, with 4oz pours coming in at $3 or $4 apiece which does start to add up. With 13 beers on tap, you’re certainly not short of choice, and staff were friendly and helpful.

fbdf710b-1f45-44a8-8314-3d1c0697cefeAs well as covering the standard styles, I was pleased to find Roadmap’s net was cast a little wider during our visit. We tried an English Pub Ale (Craven Cottage) and an Imperial Stout with girl scout cookies (Somoa) as well as an outstanding Berry Sour (the fantastically named Total Eclipse of the Tart) as well as their three IPAs. While I’m not big on super-sweet beers, there was no denying that the Somoa made the girl scout cookies work, and although the Craven Cottage was also a little sweet for me, just having a bash at an English Ale deserves a bit of credit. Of the IPAs, my favourite was the Mama Duke’s West Coast style, which is super-smooth and quaffable, and I absolutely loved the juicy sour-berry-smoothie Total Eclipse of the Tart – it’s a must-try.

729149cc-31c3-4808-87bd-cd14da86650dWhile Roadmap’s isn’t the most atmospheric taproom, between the beers and the location, perched as it is just shy of downtown, Roadmap is rightfully getting the crowds in. Family owned and operated, Roadmap is a welcome new addition to the growing San Antonio beer scene, and will hopefully attract a good mix of tourists and locals with its neighbourhood feel in such a central spot. With rotating food trucks and regular events, Roadmap may be on a quiet street but there’s plenty going on at the brewery – and don’t miss that Total Eclipse of the Tart (yes, now I’ve typed it three times it’s stuck in my head too!).